• Peter Dolling

Here we go again!

It's official! The next federal election will be held on Monday, Sept. 20.

Even as a member of a party that would love the chance for a few more seats at the table, I realize what a silly time this is for an election. Rather than channeling our already pandemic stressed resources into another election, perhaps we should band together as a community and ensure that no Canadian is left exposed to the dangers we face. Whether it's wildfires, pandemic stresses/dangers, access to safe drinking water, or simply feeling like you have an equal place in this country, never has the need for unity been higher.

I believe in teamwork. Maybe more than anything else, I believe that when we work together there is no challenge too great. I believe in pluralistic government that is built from the many different voices within a community leads to a better country for everyone. The sustainability problems we face will only be solved with interdisciplinary teamwork; help me add another green voice to the discussion.

#cdnpoli #elxn44 #greenpartyofcanada #GPC #sustainability

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