• Peter Dolling

Why Do I Want to Run?

In a word - frustration.

Too long Canada has been stuck in a state between states. Constantly employing half-measures that we know won't solve the sustainability problems we face. I can pinpoint the moment that made me feel like enough was enough.

During a debate for the 2019 federal election then Green Party leader Elizabeth May asked Prime Minister Trudeau about his policies surrounding climate change:

She called his plan a plan to fail, and she was right!

Acknowledging the climate crisis and then setting policy too weak to do anything about it has to be the biggest "green-washing" crime imaginable. These weak policies are simply created out of fear. Fear of losing power, fear of failure, fear of being viewed differently than your carefully crafted brand.

It is time for our leaders to have courage. Courage to support progressive policies that get us away from business as usual and start actually moving the needle on problems that we have been facing for ages. Below is a quick snapshot of some of the policy areas that I am passionate about. I will dig into each policy area in more depth in a series of future posts.


  • Ensuring all Canadians and First Nations have access to essential services like clean drinking water

  • Electoral reform to proportional representation

  • Universal Basic Income

  • Ending student loan debt

  • Supporting skilled workers transition into greener jobs


  • Employing science-based policy creation that is in line with the IPCC and Sustainable Development Goals (more information on my "Links" page)

  • More aggressive pursuit of renewable energy sources

  • Strengthening the price on carbon pollution

  • Require sustainability reporting and auditing for large companies


  • Eliminating subsidies for industries that actively harm the environment

  • Increase taxation on the wealthiest people and corporations to support services for low-income Canadians

  • Increase minimum wage to a living wage

  • Movement to a "triple bottom line" model for assessing the value of a company

Interested in chatting about these topics? Leave a comment and let's get the discussion started!

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